As you’ll know from my prior posts I’ve been looking at ways to save money. A no-brainer way to save money is to not go into a store. If you’re not there you can’t spend money. This is especially true for us because Hubby works at a store. When he is there, it is way too easy to say “can you bring home….”. So, with this in mind last week I put together a full menu for the whole week and went shopping for all the groceries we’d need for the week.


I found multiple recipes on Pinterest that had duplicate ingredients or recipes that I have most of the ingredients for. For the most part it worked out pretty well. The original menu was as follows:

Saturday: Crockpot Pork- I had some pork butt that I was going to throw in the crockpot with onions and BBQ sauce.

Sunday: Roasted Chicken- I had a whole chicken that I had purchased about a month ago that was on sale. I basted this with olive oil and some seasoning. I roasted it up and made a pasta side to go with it.

Monday: Mini-Chicken pot pies- this was an idea I got from Pinterest. The recipe I found called for a number of ingredients but I simplified to four. Chicken, pre-cooked veggies, refrigerated biscuits and cream of chicken soup.  I pulled the chicken off the bone from the roast chicken, and used some left over veggies from a veggie steamer that we had the week before. I mixed the chicken and veggies with some cream of chicken soup. Put the refrigerated biscuits in an individual brownie pan (a cupcake pan is fine) and filled them with the filling. Then I cooked them until the biscuits were golden brown.  They were easy, delicious and simple. I loved this recipe it was delicious and got a thumbs up from both the men in my house. Hubby went back for seconds and Little Bean ate it instead of throwing it to the dogs.

Tuesday: Beef and snow peas- I was going to use a stir-fry recipe with rice. It changed from broccoli to snow peas because I found a deal on snow peas.

Wednesday: BBQ chicken in the crockpot. I planned to throw chicken in the crockpot with BBQ sauce and an onion.

Thursday: Chicken Tostadas– these looked delicious and would use up the left over chicken from Thursday, the left over tortillas from last weeks taco night and shredded cheese we had in the freezer.

Friday was going to be a leftover day.

So, knowing what the menu was going to be. Life happened and it didn’t quite work out that way. So, problem 1: I forgot to buy beef while shopping, I was looking at it and then started to talk with Hubby and left the beef area without purchasing it.

Then the pork wasn’t thawed enough to cook it in time for dinner on Saturday, so we had to re-arrange the menu. So, we didn’t have pork on Saturday and had it on Sunday, which pushed everything back a day.

We also decided to get Chinese take-out to celebrate Valentines. Which turned out was a bad idea because it seems like I got food poisoning from it and have been sick for two days.

So, overall we made and ate all but one of the meals, the beef and snow peas. Since this was mostly a success, I’ll be doing it again this week.

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